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Enschede, Netherlands
2019 — 2025
Track record, participation sold in 2020

De Kop

Connecting and strengthening the Enschede city centre with a vibrant new district

The development of De Kop offers an answer to the increasing demand for housing in the inner city and will therefore play a major role in the future of the city.

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The high-quality, mixed-use housing meets the housing needs of various target groups such as starters, families, two-income households, young digital natives and the elderly.

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Future city area

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The Kop boulevard is an area of 3 hectares on the west side of Enschede centre, currently a wasteland and empty office buildings albeit being so closely located to an important entrance of the city.


Enschede differentiates itself as an innovative city where working, living and recreation are all perfectly combined. The high quality services in health care, culture and education, accessible and bike-friendly centre make a compact shopping area and nice spot to enjoy the catering industry. Eschede has thus all the potential to become the capital of east holland.


With 600 new units of apartments for rent or for sale, housing for young families, singles or seniors, the Kop Boulevard provides a solution to the rising demand for qualitative housing. Close to the vibrant city centre, it will contribute to shape the future and skyline with its green zones and iconic buildings. The area will become completely car-free, materialized by pedestrian streets, green zones and little piazza’s with supportive commercial units, new office space and eating and drinking facilities. 


This project was co-founded by LIFE.NL (LIFE NV and IMMOPRO NV) in 2016. The masterplan was founded in close collaboration with the municipality of Enschede and important stakeholders. in 2019 Ten Brinke joined as joint venture partner. LIFE.NV sold its participation in 2020, all further developments are led by LIFE-Europe and Ten Brinke.

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