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We are developers with the entrepreneurial mindset of an inventor, with curiosity as leitmotiv.

We realise ambitious projects across a wide scale of society’s topics. Ranging from sustainability to communal living, we pride ourselves in taking a lead in seeing opportunities where others see difficulties. Working as one tight-knit team across our offices in Antwerp and Madrid, our work aims to have an impact on a global scale.


More than 30 years of passion and drive have taken LIFE from our humble Antwerp beginnings to an international force.

Bricks as a means,
not as an end.

LIFE, the brainchild of Serge Hannecart, has been the symbol of innovation and passion in project development based on beauty, passion and human relations for more than 30 years now.

As developers, we have an incredible impact on life. Our projects define the living environment of tomorrow and add colour to the lives of the people who work and live in them. Not a single one of these lives is standard; they are all unique and diverse.

In response to a number of societal challenges, we are rethinking the way we live, work and relax. Our focus lies increasingly on life itself. LIFE, elaborating innovative concepts as a way to guarantee quality of life into the future… a unique and affordable living environment with a soul – not just for the lucky few, but for everyone.

By realising that our responsibility does not end with the provisional acceptance of our work, LIFE acts as a developer, a final investor and a manager, which means we can give our all to a LIFE cycle approach and a long-term vision.


It’s not always about the numbers, but they do give a clear picture of what we’re working towards.

  • 14

    Projects in development

  • 30

    Projects realized

  • 40

    Employees building a new tomorrow

  • ±7000

    Residential units of which ± 3000 student units (developed and in development)

  • +500.000

    Surface area in development
    in square meters

  • 4

    Countries in which we are active

Our buildings define the appearance of the city. Today, but also tomorrow and in coming decades. We give colour to city life and help shape the silhouette of the skyline.

Not only is Serge innovative when it comes to the developments themselves, he also has an extraordinarily unique vision regarding the structuring of the various companies in which he participates. He strives for Lean-and-Mean companies with flat structures where a duo of entrepreneurs is recruited as partners and is given the opportunity to start up a company with the benefit of financial and strategic support and experience. In this way, a number of new, successful companies have come to life in recent years. Each of these satellites is active in a different branch of real estate development, investment or management.

These efforts result in cross pollination, empowering the LIFE Group to offer a solution for nearly every real estate-related demand on the market. For large-scale development of areas, the expertise contained within the various companies is bundled in order to come up with unique solutions.


It turns out Belgium is just too small. The recipe that has opened doors in Belgium for 10 years seems to also be catching on abroad. The creative, innovative, out-of- the-box mentality of LIFE is in contrast to the more conservative approach used in many countries. This unique DNA means that foreign governments welcome LIFE with enthusiasm. The result is concrete initiatives within various partnerships in the Netherlands, Spain, and Cape Verde. Clearly, this is not the end of this trend.

Life is more

But life is more than real estate alone. The inexhaustible creative spirit of the team leads to a number of activities that extend far beyond the action radius of real estate. Gin, music, art and culture inspire us in the broadest sense of the word and lead to new insights and even to direct and indirect added value for future developments.

Whether we are breathing a third life into an industrial heritage site, or developing previously unutilised urban space with student housing – our architecture is always oriented towards real life.

Lifetime partnership

LIFE believes that genuine quality arises from long-term cooperation. So, the ability to mutually reconcile the interests of various stakeholders and to reconcile the horizon of these stakeholders with that of the real estate itself is also important. It is for this reason that LIFE strives to see each new collaboration as the start of a long-term partnership whose foundations rest on transparent communication and a ‘live and let live’ approach. If we all must or may work for longer than half of the time we are awake each day, isn’t it better to do this with people who you appreciate and trust?

Living the sweet LIFE.

Every good conversation starts with good listening.

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