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Liege/Val Benoit, Belgium
2019 — 2020
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Arc, the future of living

LIFE created an innovative living concept in response to several societal changes and based on a search for increased quality of life. Sustainability on a societal level.

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This former university complex transformed into a dynamic site where working, living, education and recreation meet, right in the centre of Liège.

More info about this project

Award winning project ARC

Award winning project ARC

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Val Benoit; A site situated between the Liège city centre (1 km from Calatrava’s iconic Guillemins Station) and the University of Liège Sart-Tilman campus (1.5 km) on the banks of the Maas River, just 10 minutes from the beating heart of the Liège city centre and right next to the stop of the new tram link that will be opened in 2022. This former university site, which houses ARC, is currently in full transition to a dynamic site where working, living, education and recreation meet. The unique soul of almost 100 years of history creates an environment that will continue to fascinate, even for the next 100 years!

Innovative living concept

Are you ready for the future of living? The ARC concept is disruptive in all its aspects. It is one-of-a-kind in Liège and probably in the whole of Belgium. LIFE created an innovative living concept in response to several societal changes and based on a search for increased quality of life.

More space

The combination of a spatial loft-style apartment (35 to 50m²) in a building with a unique soul, complemented with 2000m² of communal areas which can be used freely by everyone and which makes coming into contact with your neighbours approachable and inviting. The definition of spatial quality will never be the same. The lofts have a ceiling height of 4.5m in a framework of raw concrete and are completely furnished according to the designs of the famous interior decorator and designer Contekst. But there is more… much more!

  • A communal kitchen, dining room and living room with a grand piano and a wood-burning fireplace;
  • A grand café with a sunny terrace to meet friends for a drink, to have breakfast or to eat a warm meal;
  • Spa with a Scandinavian sauna, a Turkish steam bath and a relaxation area with a view of Liège and the Maas Valley;
  • A fully-equipped fitness and yoga area to stay both physically and mentally fit and healthy;
  • A communal, enclosed patio decked out as an urban jungle where nature rules, including a central, Miami Vice fitness island surrounded by a running track to keep your body in shape in true Rocky Balboa style;
  • A chill-out room with oversized lounge chairs to watch a film together or for gaming;

We call this the living revolution – and it will take the quality of life to the next level. The perfect complement to living in a vibrant city like Liège. But there is also room for privacy with the possibility of renting out part of the space to throw parties for friends and family.  And finally, as if that were not enough, LIFE created the specials: 12 unique studios designed by a number of renowned designers who were able to give their imaginations free rein. The result is nothing short of mind-blowing. Have your friends spend the night in one of the Specials after a cosy evening or invite your children to stay for the weekend.

More life

At ARC, you share what you use on a daily basis, making life less expensive and respecting Mother Nature: Washing machines, small tools, bicycles… all part of the communal areas. All available via the Commit app and the dropbox-system, which means you can enjoy all these things without having to purchase them. But at ARC, we have even gone a step further. The Commit app delivers services to you and organises a genuine Gig & Sharing Economy! Contribute your own capabilities to help your neighbours or to help manage the building using ARC’s GIG economy platform – chores, bartending, technical maintenance or administration. Offer your services on the Commit app and reduce your rent or earn a few extra euros. Create more financial room for more life.


The concept of ARC is THE best way to limit our ecological footprint. In addition to the solar panels, heat pumps, balanced ventilation system and Smart Building technology that makes this building such a fine example of sustainable construction, ARC’s sharing economy also offers a comprehensive answer to our production/consumption society, andwe have resolutely chosen inclusion as an answer to the increasing segregation in our society… Sustainability on a societal level!

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