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Vaals, Netherlands
2016 — 2018
Track record, sold to XL-Fund (90% Xior - 10% LIFE NV) in 2020


Crossing borders effortlessly through a brand new student district


Anticipating the demand for student housing for the nearby university of Aachen, the city of Vaals came to LIFE for the construction of student housing.

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The special façade design is a collaboration between the architect and Studio Job and consists of perforated eternit façade panels

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To anticipate the demand for qualitative student housing for the nearby Aachen University (DE), the City of Vaals (NL) joined forces with LIFE. This student project was realised in close consultation with the City of Vaals, which is situated nearby the point where the borders of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet.

The campus offers 461 student flats, common rooms with garden and terrace, library and study room and even a laundry room. The campus has a loyalty card offering students extra discounts, has its own Katzensprung Magazine and hosts a variety of activities to accommodate the tenants. Katzenspung is in other words the best of both worlds, combining a green campus with all the advantages of the nearby city.

Jan Snel Construction used a modular construction system to build up this project in a fast and efficient way. The facade of the project has a contemporary look & feel, designed by the Studio Job Art Collective.


The first phase was realized in 2017 and included 250 units. In the second phase, a total of 211 additional units were built in an adjacent building that was inaugurated in 2018. In the mean time, the campus has grown into a brand-new student quarter that forms an integral part of life in Vaals and Aachen. Local businesses and student organizations are also actively involved in campus life.


Katzensprung was sold in 2020 to XL Fund (90% Xior-10% LIFE NV).