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Liège, Belgium
2025 Q4
In progress

Sart Tilman

Sart Tilman

The largest scale student housing in Belgium.

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LIFE, MOURY, QUARES and ETHIAS joined forces to submit a joint proposal. They won the competition!

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With 816 units, Sart Tilman is the largest scale student housing project in Belgium

In 2021, the University of Liège initiated a public tender for the design, construction, financing and operation of their existing student rooms at Rue des Hômes in Sart-Tilman, as well as the development of an additional 400 rooms. LIFE, MOURY, QUARES and ETHIAS joined forces to submit a joint proposal. At the end of 2021, they submitted a strong dossier together, in collaboration with Studio Sart (UAU Collectivism Altiplan) and Lemaire (engineering firm). The team won the competition and in spring 2023 the existing buildings and the land for the construction of the new student residences were leased to the consortium, UKot Liège, for a period of 65 years.


  • BUILDING B13: an existing building to be renovated in brutalist architecture of the late 1960s. The complex comprises a central low building with an entrance hall, common rooms, two apartments for guest lecturers, technical rooms, and so on. It is surrounded by three ‘towers’ of approximately 120 rooms each.The total number of student rooms in this building is 360, with two apartments. As of September 2023, Ukot Liège has assumed responsibility for the operation of this building from the university. The building will remain operational until the end of 2025, after which the students will move to Building B13x, allowing for the commencement of the renovation works. The scheduled completion date for the renovation works is the end of 2027.
  • BUILDING B13b: This existing 201X building contains 47 student rooms. Given the recent construction date of
    this building, apart from some minor refurbishment works, it requires no further investment.

  • BUILDING B13x: comprises seven buildings constructed around Building B13b, forming an elliptical volume. The building includes 407 student accommodations, comprising a mix of classic student rooms with shared sanitary facilities, rooms with private shower and/or toilet, and studios. In addition, the complex includes several shared spaces, including a reading room, game room, gym, relaxation room with laundry and dryers, and a multipurpose room/student bar. Construction commenced in April 2024 and is scheduled for completion in late 2025.

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