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The Hague, Netherlands
2016 — 2025
Track record, particpation sold in 2020

HS Kwartier

The dynamic HS Quarter offers the perfect balance between living and working, the outdoors and the city, space and nearby facilities.

The huge national monument next to HS Station will be home to many co-workers make POST NL come home again.

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The redevelopment will restore the building to its former glory. The history will also be reflected in the future tenants as well as a new way of working.

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The HS Quarter in The Hague is 245,00 m² of pure ambition when it comes to reconverting and rethinking urban area development since the last decades. It’s a lively hub where students, young urban professionals, families and seniors come together thanks to a groundbreaking project with a big city feel which provides all the necessary facilities. The dynamic HS Quarter offers the perfect work-life balance, mixes green and urban areas, providing a harmony between open spaces and essential services. Located right in the cultural center of The Hague with direct acces to station Hollands Spoor, HS Quarter is the spot where everything comes together.


This project was purchased by LIFE.NL (LIFE NV and JMMOPRO NV) in two phases. The masterplan was developed in close collaboration between the municipality of The Hague and other important stakeholders.


The first realization was the conversion of the National Monument “The Post Office Building” into a state-of-the-art and durable office complex with a soul, housing the new POST NL headquarters and more than 10,000 co-workers. This unique reconversion was sold to LIFE-Europe, in regards to investment and development manager.

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