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Zaandam, Netherlands
2018 — 2027
Track record, sold/in development


An urban living environment enveloped by nature and water, where living, working, learning, culture and recreation intertwine

Think of a forest, 20 minutes from Amsterdam, with beautiful monumental buildings on an old military domain, located at the waterfront. Building on exceptional locations, is certainly applicable here!

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“The location of the Hembrug terrain is beautifully engulfed by water.”

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The ambition is to further develop the Hembrug area together with the local residents and the community of current and future entrepreneurs into a place where people want to be.


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Museum of Humanity

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A former ammunition factory site forms the backdrop for a new and exciting area development in the Amsterdam metropole region Hembrug.

Back in 2018, ABC Planontwikkeling won the tender created by the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and joined Alliances with LIFE.NL (LIFE NV and IMMOPRO NV) as investor- developer. Together with the city council of Zaandam, they worked towards a widely supported masterplan.


Hembrug is destined to become the spot where working, living, leisure, nature and culture come together. The terrain houses several monumental buildings that will blend in perfectly with the newly constructed, modern buildings. There will be also be room for office buildings, art and museums, retail and horeca.


The redevelopment of the site, where the preservation of the cultural historic, landscape, and international qualities are of central importance, consists of 42,5 ha with 77 buildings, of which many have an official monumental status. Hemburg will thus become the green haven with respect to its heritage and nature, an urban biotope where new buildings will rise, equipped with all modern amenities.


LIFE NV sold its participation in 2020 in the new construction development. All further development is managed by LIFE Europe, ABC and Ten Brinke.

The renovation and activation of the existing buildings at the Hemburg site will remain in the hands of LIFE.