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Herentals, Belgium
2027 Q3
In progress

Francesco site

Francesco site

Fransciscan sisters’ – former school site of Herentals

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Our ambition is to blur boundaries between ages or backgrounds and achieve maximum inclusion.

More info about this project

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LIFE intends to transform the area into a mixed-use development with co-living, condominiums, rental apartments and ancillary facilities such as offices, shops, restaurants and studios. A sustainable integration of the non-profit organisation Moktamee, also known as ‘the creative hub of the Kempen’, is currently under investigation in consultation with the city of Herentals. Moktamee is already present on the site.

The aim of the reconstruction is to preserve and improve the site’s diverse and valuable patrimony while honouring its rich history.

With this move, LIFE maintains its position as a trailblazer in the field of contributing to progressive living and cohabitation in Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia.


The co-living will consist of approximately 60 units and several shared spaces responding to a number of existing social trends:

  • This housing offer is suitable for small families of 1 to 2 people, regardless of age or background. Such families are becoming more common, but often struggle to find suitable housing options in the current market.
  • Residents can enjoy an improved quality of life through the optimal use of space and collective provision of additional functions.
  • Counteract isolation by bringing people together in unique common parts.
  • To prevent vacancy of upper floors in shopping streets, residential offerings should be provided to create life and social control outside of store hours.

The initial target audience comprises individuals in their twenties and thirties, with the ultimate goal of breaking down age and background barriers to achieve maximum inclusivity. After all, in a successful co-living, open-minded residents, each with their own individuality, identity and beliefs, learn to accept and appreciate each other’s differences.

The ambition is to blur boundaries between ages or backgrounds and achieve maximum inclusion.


As indicated, the programme is divided into two major parts: one with classic owner-occupied houses and the other with a mix of co-living, retail, hospitality, and possibly a creche.

The classic owner-occupied houses will be situated along the current Nonnenvest and the new connection between the Vest and Nonnenstraat. Apart from the old school building on the vest (built in 1911), this will mainly be a new development, with a mix of small and large flats, all located along the new green passage between Bovenpoort and Nonnenstraat. The project will consist of approximately 50 flats.

The second part, which includes a mix of functions, will be located in the existing buildings at Bovenrij 30 and Nonnenstraat 10 (the little castle). When integrating the new functions into the existing buildings, we will take into account the individuality of each building, its historical value, and structure, while also meeting contemporary comfort requirements, energy performance and sustainability standards.

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