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LIFE welcomes new faces: meet Virginie, Thibaut and Astrid

LIFE welcomes new faces: meet Virginie, Thibaut and Astrid

We are delighted to announce that three new employees have joined the team: Virginie Steeland (project manager design), Thibaut Gedik (developer), and Astrid Dendievel (admin & communication).

Virginie was born in beautiful Kortrijk and raised in Brussels. Batibouw, the construction fair where her parents met. And voilà, 32 years later, bam, there was the birth of a real estate family, which originated at Durabrik.

As a child, she spent her days near the National Botanic Garden and attended the European school in Brussels. Yes, that meant she did her high school in English – and spoke English with “a hot potato.” From an early age, she knew that interior design was her calling. So, hoppa, she headed to Sint-Lucas Brussels to learn the art of transforming boring spaces into breathtaking places. But, she can’t sit still, that’s against her nature. So, for her internship, she took a trip to Monaco and worked on the interiors of Italian motor and sailing boats designed by Luca Bassani.

Back in Belgium, she gave free rein to her creativity at the BMW brand store and the Design Museum in Brussels. Yet she did not sit still, literally and figuratively. A whole year of her life was spent in Southeast Asia, 3 months of which she spent in crazy Japan. This trip was like a giant sushi buffet of inspiration and adventure!

Despite her love of minimalism and her family and friends calling her the “Marie Kondo* of the clan,” she decided to broaden her horizons. She earned an MRE (Master in Real Estate Management) while splitting her time between the exciting world of real estate at Triple Living. From the MRE, she really did get the best out of it, including her future husband.

In her spare time? Entrepreneur, underwater adventurer, fitness fanatic, social animal, beauty admirer, and of course, not to mention, a puppy cuddler! If she can cram all of these things into one day, she’ll be all smiles!

I look forward to being part of the LIFE – team and accomplishing amazing projects together !
Let’s spark joy*!

Thibaut is born and raised in the heart of Antwerp, where he also spent his first years of life. Soon, his parents sought more peace and quiet due to their busy independent work life, so they moved to Schoten. An oasis of “rural peace” combined with his good and Catholic upbringing at the Sint-Michielscollege in Brasschaat ensured a bearable adolescence. After 12 consecutive years at primary and later secondary school, Thibaut decided to continue his studies in Industrial Engineering at the University of Antwerp, where he obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Construction Engineering. Half a year of Erasmus at the end of his master’s in Barcelona and a challenging internship at BAM Interbuild on the site of the Havenhuis in Antwerp prepared him to realize unique buildings. After 5.5 years of experience as a class 8 contractor and a short passage at a project developer IRET Development, he is happy to end up in a team that shares the same ideology and vision in terms of sustainable design & construction.

He currently lives with his girlfriend Clémence in the heart of Antwerp, where their interest in vintage design keeps them continually stimulated by anything with old charm. His obsession with Japanese culture inspires him both privately and professionally, and a trip to Japan is the next milestone at Gedik’s house. The resolution to go to the gym three times a week usually does not come true due to busy schedules, but where there is a will, there is a way.

After completing her studies in Marketing & Communication in Brussels, Astrid worked on numerous internal and external communication projects for Belgium and Europe. With over 10 years of experience in digital communication and PR, spanning from the nuclear industry to the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, you could say that Astrid is a versatile professional. She thrives when bringing structure and results to complex tasks, implementing clear communication, and generating impact as part of a team.

Outside office hours you can find Astrid on a tennis court, or enjoying family and friends’ time over some middle eastern food or secretly checking out documentaries about luxury hotels.

Toon Haverals, Managing Partner at LIFE:
“LIFE is very pleased with this addition to the team and, despite the challenging market conditions, is investing in the further development of current and new projects and our team in general. At LIFE, we love our complementary and diverse group of people, with different backgrounds, passions and interests. That makes us develop projects in our own unique and inclusive way with a real commitment to improving the way we live our lives.”


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