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Interview with Jan Snel

"If we stick to existing methods, nothing will ever change."

Harry Van Zandwijk, CEO of Jan Snel

Harry Van Zandwijk

Harry Van Zandwijk

After the fantastic result of phase 1 of the project in Vaals, LIFE and Jan Snel are partnering again for phase 2. The Dutch specialist in modular construction is more than ever the ideal partner for this project. The turnkey formula ensured that Katzensprung was set up in record time. In September 2016, the first 250 student units were a reality. Currently, in a second phase, a further 211 units are being built in an adjacent building.

How does modular construction, currently booming business, work?

‘Modular construction is definitely the future. More and more clients are choosing to build with modular systems because it is cheaper and faster than traditionally built constructions. Building with modular units also gives the possibility of removing or relocating the buildings, allowing the client to use the same building in several locations.’

What are the advantages?

‘The advantages are in the flexibility and speed of construction. In many cases, we see that the turnaround time is 40% faster than more traditional building techniques. This is partly because we build in our factory under ideal conditions. This enables us to keep failure costs low, guarantee a higher quality and switch much faster when needed.’

How does the future look for Jan Snel?

‘The future of Jan Snel looks bright. At the moment we are building 232 student houses in Utrecht and in Amsterdam we are building houses for various housing corporations. For De Key/Eigen Haard 540 houses are going up and for De Alliantie we are constructing 142 units. In Waalwijk, 152 homes are being planned and we’re building three operating theatres for the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht in record time. In short, the future offers prospects.’

Written by
Veerle Symoens

Katzensprung exterior, panels created by Studio Job

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