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The renaissance of living

The renaissance of living: a building for and by residents

In a world of digitisation and loneliness, what was once the basis of living together seems to have evolved into a challenge: human contact. To allow people of different backgrounds, faiths, origins or ages to live together without social pressure, without additional expectations.

When we are convinced that we offer a quality home, there is no need to lock people up in stranglehold contracts with long notice periods. Daring to offer flexible contracts shows faith in one’s own supply.

Some of the flats are offered furnished, a ‘plug&play’ solution that responds to the search for convenience, while simultaneously achieving flexibility that allows the tenant to change residences freely in a globalised world.

The challenge is to rethink the provision of services so that not only the supplier is profitable, but the consumer is satisfied.

A certain state of mind will connect people, instead of origin, faith, or other trivial preconditions.

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