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Hiring: LIFE developer

For the development of our project and potentially another Belgian mixed-use project, we are looking for a Project Manager / LIFE Developer



  • a unique project developer with an impressive track record in mixed-use real estate and a special focus on residential and student real estate;
  • part of a group of other development and exploitation companies, a major asset for attracting mixed-use projects and pursuing a total vision of real estate as a means;
  • using real estate to improve the general quality of life;
  • always one step ahead of new market trends with a strong belief in innovation as the only key to success;
  • a team of driven professionals AND people who respect, appreciate and can be themselves in the workplace;
  • re-inventing;
  • ready for the future through new strategies and growth in Belgium and abroad;
  • inspired by different cultures by developing projects in the Netherlands, Spain,  Cape Verde… ;
  • in love with design, beauty, architecture, and life;
  • passion and fun;




  • an architect, civil engineer, industrial engineer or construction graduate, with several years of relevant experience in construction;
  • passionate about construction and project development and the impact it can have on the quality of life;
  • strong in organization and communication and like to be the glue between internal and external stakeholders to achieve optimal cooperation;
  • stuctured and organized;
  • good at working independently but also realize that you can achieve much more with a team and through cross-fertilization;
  • a team player who, through enthusiasm and faith, succeeds in getting everyone on the same page to successfully complete challenging projects as one team;
  • critical and always looking for a way to achieve the intended result within the existing financial framework;
  • eager to learn and strive to broaden your knowledge
  • a people manager, based on knowledge, diplomacy, and correctness;
  • flexible to travel on a regular basis if necessary in the context of a foreign project;
  • at least bilingual (Dutch and French or English), knowledge of Portuguese is of great added value as part of a project in Cape Verde;




  • report to a partner of;
  • are ultimately responsible for the global follow-up from A to Z of projects with a total investment cost of 10 to 50 million €, depending on your experience;
  • are the director and technical consultant in a project team together with financial, commercial and legal consultants that you bring together monthly to review the state of affairs to go over the project;
  • maintain in contact with all the important stakeholders;
  • conduct research into the best purpose of each location and you write the program requirements for each project;
  • appoint the construction team together with a partner;
  • are continuously in search of the most rational way of building without compromising on quality;
  • draw up the permit process in collaboration with the architect;
  • believe that long-term relationships with the various stakeholders are the key to qualitative development of life and buildings;
  • treat people in the same way as you would like to be treated.
  • organize the tenders, compare the prices of the different lots and negotiate and sign various contractors;
  • are convinced that regular presence on site is the only way to follow up your project;
  • you organize worksite meetings with architects, contractors and other consultants and you strive for an optimal organisation to deliver the project in a successful and profitable way;
  • monitor the planning, quality, budget and soul of the project;
  • are, supported by the construction team, ultimately responsible for the delivery and layout of the PID file;




  • an open, challenging and inspiring work environment;
  • to build great projects;
  • to proudly pass by the buildings you have developed;
  • to integrate more intelligence into the construction phase and the buildings themselves and believe in the power of innovation;
  • to collaborate with colleagues who are invited to be themselves, each with a different background and you are convinced that this diversity is an important added value for a company;
  • an ongoing professional challenge, with projects with different purposes in different countries;
  • to think about the life of tomorrow;
  • to have a powerful impact on life;
  • to have fun;
  • to generate quality of life for the future residents and users of our buildings, for your colleagues, and not least for yourself;


If all this sounds like a dream, then apply now and sus your cover letter and CV via


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