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Hiring: Communication & Marketing manager

We are looking for a passionate Communication & Marketing manager who want to be part of our dream team and generate real impact on everyday LIFE. 💚


  • a unique project developer with an impressive track record in mixed used residential  projects and student real estate.
  • part of a large group of project developers and companies, which is a big plus for attracting mixed use projects while striving for a complete vision in real estate.
  • using real estate to improve quality of everyday LIFE.
  • always a step ahead on new market trends with its belief in innovations as only key to succes.
  • a team of passionate and driven professionals who respect, appreciate and value each other, making team work about excelling and contributing to everyone’s uniqueness.
  • reinventing yourself time.
  • ready for a future through new strategies at home base and abroad.
  • inspired by different cultures with projects in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Cabo Verde…
  • In love with design, beauty, architecture and LIFE.
  • passion and fun.


  • qualified as bachelor or master in communication or marketing or equivalent, and share a love for architecture and project development.
  • aware that creativity needs structure and organization.
  • proactive, driven and enthusiastic.
  • able to operate in fast-paced environments.
  • a strong communicator, be it in digital communication (social media, e-mailing, website, performance marketing) or offline communication.
  • communicative and a team player.
  • able to hold a conversation in at least 2 or 3 languages, other language skills are a plus.
  • a great asset to the team with your sparkling personality.



  • you rethink the way a project developer communicates with the market and its audience.
  • you set out the lines, together with management, for a communication strategy with innovative and relevant sustainability characteristics which are most important assets to its stakeholders ( investors, banks, cities and councils, tenants…).
  • you coordinate the productional component of communication campaigns, make a selection of external branding and/or marketing agencies, negotiating contractual agreements.
  • check and double check products and/or supplied services.
  • you coordinate the internal communication team (graphic designer and social media content creator).
  • you have direct interaction with relevant press contacts.
  • you organise company and team building events.
  • you report directly to management.
  • you realize communication and marketing is a mean, not a goal.


  • You are  responsible for all communication of all projects in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Cabo Verde.
  • You guide the layout of the communication strategy and are in the lead for branding and marketing of the projects, together with external branding and marketing companies and the project developer.
  • You have creative ideas on how to activate empty buildings with social relevance to spread the LIFE DNA before they are being developed.
  • You organise press events and events to inform communities.


  • a freelance position for 2-4 days a week, depending on workload.
  • an opportunity to work in an open, challenging and inspiring environment.
  • developing beautiful projects with the team.
  • a chance to make a positive impact on the world we live in.
  • that feeling when you proudly walk past by our buildings and communities to which you contributed.
  • a great team where you can be truly yourself, each with its own background and knowledge and where diversity is one of the  key aspects of the company.
  • Generating quality of life for future tenants and users, your colleagues and yourself.


If all this sounds like a dream, then apply now and send us your cover letter and CV via


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